Have you ever been in a conversation with someone when they tell you something their interest, skills, or background that you wish you’d known earlier because you suddenly realize there was a missed opportunity? Maybe they could have helped you solve a problem, or you could have introduced them to someone with similar interests.

That happens in our personal and professional lives more than it should.

So we thought it’d be a good idea to let you know some other ways we might be able to help you.

There are some services we offer that most people don’t know about, but at one time or another they probably wish they’d known about it.

To prevent that from happening, we put together a short list of items that you probably have around your house and chances are at least a couple of them could us a good cleaning.

Napkins & Tablecloths

Standard white napkins and tablecloths can usually handle a simple wash in your machine at home. But if you set out napkins with delicate designs and lace over tablecloths, you might not want to risk beating up those items in a spin cycle.

Oriental Rugs

In most cases these rugs have designs and colors that hide stains pretty well. But they also tend to get a lot of traffic and take some abuse. Getting these out from under couches and tables should be the hardest part of cleaning these items. Leave the rest to us.

Fur Coats

There’s a lot of debate about the ethics of buying and wearing fur coats, but that’s for a different conversation. The point is that these items are often very, very expensive. It’s also common for people to inherit these items from family members who bought them during an era when fur coats were more socially acceptable. In either case, cleaning these pieces is best left to a professional.

Bath Mats

This might seem like an easy item to clean at home. If it’s 100% cotton and doesn’t have rubber or some non-slip material then it might be ok to put it in your washing machine. Refers to any labels for guidance. But rubber and other non slip bottoms can fall apart, crumble, and even clog pumps because sometimes they don’t hold up well in the wash, and especially when exposed to heat in a dryer.

A lot of people get unnecessarily frustrated when trying to clean these items. They do so because some of these items big and hard to handle, or they’re delicate and get accidentally ruined in the washing machine.

By all means, feel free to give it a shot on your own.

But we also know that most people are super busy and don’t have the time to handle every little task on their own. So, we’re here if you need us and happy to help you check a few more things off your to-do list.